Soterias is leveraging nanotechnology to create improved monitoring solutions

We aim to revolutionize the market for water quality sensors with our multi-parameter solution, which allows for a more comprehensive monitoring based on resistive (rather than electro-chemical) sensing.  

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The Soterias technology was conceived of and developed by two scientists affiliated with Ecole polytechnique and Universite Gustave Eiffel, Berengere Lebental, a materials physicist, and Gael Zucchi, a chemist. Berengere has specific expertise in leveraging nanoparticles for use in sensors, while Gael brought the knowledge needed to design polymers to react with the specific analytes targeted by the sensors.


In 2019, Berengere and Gael connected with Andrew Quinn and Paul Sayar, then MBA students at HEC Paris, to collaborate on a market analysis and business plan for their new technology. Through that work and the analysis that followed, the four agreed to launch a startup to bring their sensors to market, and thus Soterias was born.