Image by Amadej Tauses


Soterias was founded by a core team with a unique combination of business experience and scientific expertise.

We look forward to working with you.



Co-Founder / CEO

Andrew spent seven years as part of Accenture's Analytics Strategy group where he helped clients efficiently manage their data in the cloud.


In 2020, he received his MBA from HEC Paris, where he connected with the scientists behind the Soterias technology. Upon his graduation, he joined Soterias as a co-founder and CEO to turn his attention from getting data into the cloud to getting it out of water.



Co-Founder / COO

Paul holds two engineering Masters and a Ph.D. in Petrophysics from French and American universities, and received his HEC MBA with top honors in 2020. Previously he worked for a Fortune 500 oil exploration and production company, where a thorough understanding of the chemical composition of water was critical to his work.

As Director of Operations at Soterias, he will create fluency between the technical and business processes to achieve maximum efficiency and profitability.


Co-Founder / Lead Scientist


As a physicist specialized in the nanoelectronics of carbon-based nanomaterials, Berengere is focused on the development of reproducible and reliable nanosensors, with a focus on micromechanical and chemical sensing, for applications in urban sustainability. 

As Soterias’s Lead Scientist, Berengere spearheaded the development of our sensing technology and continues to shape our technological vision.


Co-Founder / Head of Research


Gaël is a researcher with a background in synthetic chemistry and  has turned to the field of materials for electronics. He is developing the synthesis of organic-containing materials which are specifically designed for sensing applications. He aims at creating innovative active molecules with specific properties and that can be integrated into new generations of electronic devices. 

He leads Soterias’s R&D as it looks to expand its capabilities and capture new markets.